HOLTOP Energy Recovery Ventilators Create High Air Quality for Wantou World Buildings

With the professional high-efficiency service and perfect energy recovery ventilation system solutions, HOLTOP won the bidding among the20 bidding companies for energy recovery ventilation system of Wantou World Buildings Project in Hefei, Anhui Province.With thorough technical advantages, HOLTOP successfully signed more than 2,000 sets of energy recovery ventilation system for the project to create green, intelligent, healthy and high air quality living environment.

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Wantou World Building is alow-density quality community built by the Wantou Investment and Construction Company. The total construction area is about 350,000 square meters.

After receiving the invitation for bidding, HOLTOP conducted a number of research and analysis on environment, respiratory comfort, and user experience, etc. Based on the basic fresh air system, Holtop proposed to use the high efficiency energy recovery ventilation system with PM2.5 filter and intelligent control. Although the initial investment will increase, the energy will be saved in daily operation and the indoor air quality will be kept at prime level to create energy saving and healthy living conditions.

As increasing demands on high indoor quality and the buildings are built tight, energy recovery ventilator should be installed in the buildings to create energy saving and healthy living environment. For more professional proposals for your buildings, please contact our sales team.

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Post time: 2018-10-12